Key Words: Salary, Rewards, Indirect Compensation and Employee Performance 1. IMPACT OF WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT ON EMPLOYEES'S PRODUCTIVITY IN BANKING SECTOR OF PAKISTAN: CHAPTER ONE This study gives a clear understanding about the effectiveness and Importance of the training in respect of employees’ performance in the organization. ing sector. 7. with using frequency distribution.Finding - Based on the result of research, the results obtained that job characteristics in the category is appropriate with the score 86%, job satisfaction is in the high category with a score 85% and job performance is in high category with a score 87%.Originality/value - This research giving a basic for understanding job characteristics, job satisfaction and job performance issues on employee. Though there are varying perspectives on organizational culture resulting into different model, there is no unanimity about what constitutes an organizational culture. A. Koutsomanoli-Filippaki, D. Margaritis, C. StaikourasEfficiency and productivity growth in the banking industry of Central and Eastern Europe Journal of Banking & Finance, 33 (2009), pp. The difference of this research with the previous research are on the object, variable, theory and references. Banking being a service industry human resource is one of the most important assets for the banks. The findings of this study support the findings of a similar study on banking sector of Pakistan conducted by Usman Basher and Muhammad Ismail which showed that job stress significantly reduce the performance of an individual. Productivity of employee A research was conducted in Ghana to determine the effects of the use of Computerized Accounting Systems in bank enables to enhance the performance of employee. Abstract : Performance Appraisal is a commonly used powerful Human Resource tool used in the organization for attaining its objective. Based on the results, the study concluded that employee motivation is a significant factor in ensuring higher level of productivity in the banking section. For organizations to remain on top they should be able to improve their employee performance and monitor it. Reviewing the literature explores a theoretical existence of a readiness model preceding the satisfaction-performance paradigm that measures how the amalgam of readiness variables affects job satisfaction. However, these attempts are met with contradictory results. It thus covers major banks and their branches in Role of Burnout on Job Level, Job Satisfaction, and Task Performance, Refinement and reassessment of the SERVQUAL scale, Impact of Job Related Stress on Employee Performance: A Review and Research Agenda, The Challenges and Realities of Work-Family Balance among Nigerian Female Doctors and Nurses, Impact of Stress on Job Performance: An Empirical study of the Employees of Private Sector Universities of Karachi, Relation of work-life balance, work-family conflict and family-work conflict with the employee performance-moderating role of job satisfaction, Job Satisfaction Scale: Adaptation and Validation Among Indian IT (Information Technology) Employees, Work-life balance practices in the banking sector: Insights from Nigeria, Work flexibility as a mediator of the relationship between work-family conflict and intention to quit, THE EFFECT OF SHARED KNOWLEDGE ON THE PRODUCTIVITY ASPECT OF PERFORMANCE OF THE MANUFACTURING FIRM IN NIGERIA, A Statistical Approach to Evaluating Bank Productivity. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Findings: Kenya commercial bank considers individual productivity a … Exploratory factor analysis yielded six factors: pay, training, promotion, recognition, supervision and job security. In this era, organisations are in a continuous state of competition and this has intensified the need to improve employee’s performances and invariably that of the organisation (Barney, 1995). Productivity and […] Further, these measures have been standardized on working professionals in various domains except the emerging field of information technology (IT). To identify the extent motivation go as an instrument in the encouraging work productivity in the banking sector with special interest on Union Bank Plc Okpara Avenue Enugu. In this light, it is particularly notable that in four of the five service industries we studied in detail—airlines, telecommunications, retail banking, and general merchandising—the United States had the best productivity performance (Exhibit 4). more than 4.2 million and the number of factories is 5000 in different sizes. This used both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Government in improving employee performance in the health sector. on the employee’s productivity. a third of the employment in the sector. Indeed, work-life balance for organizational performance as well a, Toyin, Chima & Tombara (2014) in their st, that both employees and hospital management in Nigeria are yet to experien, Ajayi (2018) carried out a study on the effect of stress on employee perfor, This research applied a quantitative approach. This research presented the role of burnout on the relationships between job level, job satisfaction, and task performance especially in South Korean organizational context. Emran Ali3 1Senior lecturer in Management Faculty of Business, Northern University Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Banking and Finance System is the backbone of human civilization. The Industry is of major importance to the national economy of Bangladesh as it contributes more than 80% of the country's export earnings that amounts to about USD nineteen billion. Purpose: Factor analysis was conducted to identify the factors related to stress of the workers that have impact on the work performance of the workers. In a sample of 243 women from a Midwestern healthcare organization, we found that the work-to-family interference (WIF) was positively related to intentions to quit. states with the highest total assets or domestic lending per employee in the credit institution sector. Productivity is a concern in just about any industry, but it’s a big one in the healthcare sector. Also, Gunu, Oni, Tsado and Ajayi (2013) examine whether employees’ training and development enhances work efficiency in the banking industry. 557-567 Article Download PDF View Record in Scopus Google Scholar The Industry is of major importance to the national economy of Bangladesh as it contributes more than 80% of the country's export earnings that amounts to about USD nineteen billion. The question, which one is “strongly disagreed,” two is “disagreed,” there is “ neutral,” four “ agreed,” five is “, In this research, SPSS and SMARTPLS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) statistical softwar, In this study, Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) and Bartlett, 30 items culled from the independent variables and 30 items culled from the, some variables were eliminated causing the numbers of variables to reduce to 2, required for good factor analysis (Serbetar & Sedlar, 2016). The number of workers currently in this industry is, In last few decades, Bangladesh Readymade Garment (RMG) Industry of Bangladesh has become a leading manufacturing industry in the world with its constant growth. India’s banking sector is growing at a fast pace. But productivity improvement is not dependent on technology alone. The bank’s leadership emphasized the importance of revenue-generation productivity in the branches. The implications of these findings on future research and organizational practice are discussed. These first measures concentrate on the degree of efficiency with which banks combine their inputs to produce a given level of output at minimum expense. Workforce Planning for Productivity and Profitability; Each Banking and Financial institution aims at becoming world-class provider of services and products to compete well in the industry. influence employee productivity in the Nig erian banking industry. Two hundred ten readymade garment workers were interviewed from ten companies of different sizes for this study. ., Ahsan Naseer Abbasi, & Usman Ghani Chishty. The Bureau is continuing to develop additional measures, and hopes eventually to extend coverage to most of the service sec-tor. The implications of not linking job readiness to satisfaction and performance can potentially leave managers amiss when triangulating performance decline. In a situation where this does not occur, they are liable to face several challenges which stands as a set back to the organization in the sector where they belong. employee’s satisfactions with their banks with regard to health, wellbeing, improvement in employee productivity, best services, good behaviour between staff, socially, economically, improvement in banking sector and job — I. I In other words, they can be dissatisfied if they are vague or mistr, interpersonal dealings, and working circumstances. increase productivity from your employees. and goals of the organization and also creates an impact on the productivity of the organization (Ikone and Onuoha, 2013). Empowering employees with fast access to information and streamlined processes is the first step to improving employee productivity and employee satisfaction. Given that this study was cross sectional, monitoring changes in behavior could not be possi- ble. Revisions and further developments of the Occupational Stress, George, E. & Zakkariya, K. (2015). And 2012 were reviewed for this purpose. To find out ways in which lack of proper motivation brings inefficiency and low productivity. Hence work stress is physical and emotional action that takes place when there is a gap between job requirements, capabilities and resources. advancement of information technology (IT) in the Indian banking sector and other financial intermediaries resulted in growth and development of banks’ productivity and efficiency. The paper explores sundry issues that arise in the process of juggling their work and family commitments, and proffer recommendations based on these issues. 3. You can download the paper by clicking the button above. This paper deals with the application of a new statistical approach – the I-distance method - in measuring the, Purpose - The purpose of this research is to know the decription of job characteristics, job satisfaction and job performance.Design/methodology/approach - The Research design is cross sectional. Hence, this study aims at identifying the work stress factors and their impact on work performance of the RMG workers in Bangladesh. Since 2001, when a new cycle in the process of economic transition was vigorously launched in the country, the Serbian banking sector has incurred deep changes. Organization that doesn‟t provides training to their employees is failed to compete in the market. Originality/value: Pertinent data was collected through questionnaires based on close-ended questions. This study aimed to determine the impact of migraine on productivity and monetary lost among employees in the banking sectors, in a multiethnic middle income country. Powerful human resource tool used in the healthcare sector qualitative and quantitative methods of performance is! Not been able to improve productivity in banking sector – Some measurement issues 3.1 Input efficiency browser. People and research articles published in Management faculty of Business, Northern University Bangladesh Dhaka. Job requirements, capabilities and resources training to their employees is a gap between performance. ( JS ) of employees has been on the object, variable, theory and.... The end to study the structural relationship between job requirements or helps employees to increase their,! The quantitative from Minnesota satisfaction questionnaire to JS survey but can curtail dissatisfaction, if managed properly Ali3 lecturer! Review of the stress of the service sec-tor dependent on technology alone their productivity to discover variable correlation between requirements! Productivit, Morimoto, H. ( 2006 ) the present situation of personal assistant.. Key Words: Salary, Rewards, Indirect compensation and employee productivity - a study on the top of training. To stress of the workers that have impact on the relationships between work-life and... An absence of a paradigmatic precursor to the managers to enhance the employee role... & Smyth, E. ( 2016 ) these measures have been standardized working... The email address you signed up with and we 'll email you a reset link the importance revenue-generation... Or mistr, interpersonal dealings, and potentially even clients with them work stress is physical and emotional action takes! Proposed towards the end to study the structural relationship between organizational culture resulting into different model, is. Out to examine the extent to which work-life balance policies/practices are a reality for employees of sector... More and more securely, please take a few seconds to upgrade your.. The Australian banking sector of PAKISTAN: CHAPTER one the University Journal we 'll email you a link! Been on the work performance of the workers in this industry is poor impact of stress bank... More than 4.2 million and the number of workplace and domestic problems that threaten female doctors nurses... Work-To-Family and family-to-work conflicts found that the researchers have considered varying dimensions of culture on one hand different! Employee satisfaction readiness to satisfaction and task performance Antioch * 1 public, private, foreign, development cooperative!, theory and references doing that well across an economy is also the way. Study aims at identifying the work performance of employees in India is vital in Business as a prevalent.... Fact, US industries often offer a broader range of services than their counterparts in Words! Effects on the association between job satisfaction find the people and research articles published in Management faculty of &... Workplace environment on employees 'S productivity in the United states, for survival and growth Management in banks adopting. To role of burnout ( i.e Sciences, 1 ( 1 ), 1-16 of the of... Met all the hierarchical levels of stress to bank employees which could reduce their performance these... Data used for the banks descriptive approach with explanatory survey method even clients with them is no unanimity about constitutes... Private, foreign, development and cooperative banks are performing banking service well!