Keep copies of your reports. Over 50% of bites occur in the dog’s home. The way to unrig this and protect future victims is to always report the bite. The system is already rigged in favor of the dog's owner in many municipalities. You will need to … If you don't know the owner or the animal has left the area you are in, our Animal Services Officer will help you attempt to capture or find the animal. While it is recommended that every homeowner has insurance, it is recommended more so to people that have a dog on the property. Whilst we don't think the Dangerous Dogs Act ... is effective in reducing dog bites, we do believe that all dog owners should be responsible for their dogs behaviour around people, other dogs and other animals. Dog bite puncture wounds can be easily infected because of the bacteria in a dog's mouth. Animals can act unpredictably and bites are not always provoked. This does not mean you … It will be up to you to teach your dog not to bite. File a dog bite report After you've been medically treated -- even if the injury was minor -- file a dog bite report with the proper city or county authorities. They may also face fines or even criminal consequences if they fail to comply. Reporting an Animal Bite . If a dog owner ever pleads with you, "Don't call the cops on me" after his dog bites you, this is the very first thing you should do as soon as you are out of earshot of that person. It’s important you cooperate with the animal control investigation into the dog-bite incident. A verbal or email complaint is never enough. He has taken medicine in morning from other doctor for fever. This legally documents your case and provides help to the next victim who may be harmed by the same dog. Your animal control report will be important to prevent more injuries, and help you get compensated for your bite. You may also need cosmetic surgery, pain medication, or other medical attention for your dog bites. And it might mean you’re not able to pursue legal action later. This is "If You Don't Report a Dog Bite, Bad Things Happen" by Dog Bite Law on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Report the bite to Animal Control. Besides all that, alerting animal control agencies about a dog bite can sometimes reveal that the dog is being abused or neglected, and needs to be rescued. “Make it clear you are in this with the victim. When the woman opened the door, her pit bulls bolted out and attacked. But some states have a one-bite rule that says the dog owner is only responsible if he or she knew the dog was likely to bite or had a history of biting. Generally, smaller dogs are gentler and less likely to bite. The authorities typically issue a report. Make sure you are honest about the situation and try to be as descriptive as possible so you can help prevent others from being attacked by … You should always report dog bites to the appropriate local authorities. Many homeowners insurance policies cover dog bites and other incidents. If the pit bull lobby came out against that it would show their true colors to everyone. It’s important you get a medical evaluation of your injuries and have all necessary tests performed. But filing a dog-bite report helps authorities enforce state and local dog bite law. None of the three previous victims reported the biting incidents to police. Puppies explore the world with their mouths. So here's what you need to know about the Act: The Act includes incidents on private property. Whether you own a dog in California or have a claim for a dog bite or other injury, you'll want to understand the state's laws on owners’ civil and criminal liability when their animals hurt someone or have been aggressive.Read on for the details. You will have just 1 year from the date of the dog bite to bring a lawsuit against the dog’s owner for your injuries. And find an attorney with experience handling dog bite or injury cases. 06/20/11: Founder Reflects Upon Four Year Anniversary of Her Attack. The sooner the better. But they are still animals, and sometimes they can be unpredictable and dog bite someone and know the legal rights of dog attack. Be courteous and sympathetic to the bite victim. My neighbors pit I'll jumped her fence and attacked another neighbors dog (bordering yard). Reporting to your local animal control agency is very important. In most states, the law holds owners automatically liable for any injury their dog causes, whether they knew their dog was likely to bite or not. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. If you are unable to get this information, you may not be able to verify the dog’s vaccination history. An officer will assist you in filing a report. Smith also told the News-Times, "I never called the cops, I went right to the hospital," where he received 13 stitches, continues to suffer from nerve damage, is still paying off the $4,000 hospital bill and lost his job as a result of his injuries. Once you have ruled out any underlying medical issues that may have caused her to bite, a behavior consultant can help you uncover the root cause. Report an Animal Bite. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 4.5 million people suffer dog bites each year. If you are the bite victim: If your own dog bit you, confine it immediately and con-tact Animal Care and Control. Bite investigation does not automatically mean the animal is impounded - it may only mean that vaccination and licenses are verified. Usually, as they play with their siblings, if they bite too hard, the other puppy will yelp and stop playing and they learn that biting too hard makes play stop. I would certainly try, especially if you witnessed it. from the Insurance Information Institute found the number of dog-bite claims nationwide is increasing. It seems like a common sense law to prevent future injuries. If a dog bites you, take these steps right away: Wash the wound.Use mild soap, and run warm tap water over it for five to 10 minutes. Send them by certified mail and keep receipts to prove they were accepted. It was dark, but as they passed under a street lamp, I could see the dog pulling and jumping all over the sidewalk. Since the owner of a dog that bites you may be strictly liable for your injuries, you don't have to prove negligence. If the bite is severe, you should call 911 or have someone drive you to the emergency room. The more details and circumstances you can remember, the better. It’s important for you to know the specific laws in place in the location where your dog attack took place. I wonder why the medical establishment isn't required to report to animal control when dog bites are treated? I'm one yard over and wonder if I can report since the neighbors involved won't. This legally documents your case and provides help to the next victim who may be harmed by the same dog. They may have to report the bite, at which point other agencies may step in to consider further action actually involving the dog in accordance with local laws. What Might Happen To Your Dog And You After A Dog Bite Witness accounts can be very important, especially if there is a dispute with the dog owner. Plaintiffs can file a claim only if they were on public property or on private property legally (i.e. Although you may be more worried about bites from wild and stray animals, any animal has the potential to bite. Since you said your county requires you to report this, you would be breaking the law in not doing so. Since you said your county requires you to report this, you would be breaking the law in not doing so. Dog bites happen every day — at the vet ... depending on who handles dog bites in your area, to make a report, especially if you don’t know the law. If You Don't Report a Dog Bite, Bad Things Happen Your community needs it, and you need it. What concerns me is your statement that you have not seen wounds this bad. That depends. These so-called "dog bite statutes" sometimes extend to people other than dog owners and injuries other than dog bites. When Dog Owners Are Strictly Liable for Bites. The medical team's primary concern is to treat the bite wound. If no medical attention is required, call 368-7387 (PETS) to report the bite. You know why she bit you, and you want help with the underlying behavior. But do you have to tell them if the dog bites or injures somebody? Environmental Health 813-307-8059 Fax. Contact your local health department to report the bite. Don't delay, if your dog bites someone, take the following steps: Remain calm. Avoid laying blame or getting defensive. You might not be aware of another dog owner, premises owner, employer or principal who may be legally liable for what happened and might be insured for it too. If you don’t report a bite, and the dog then bites someone else later, the insurance company might deny you liability coverage for the second incident. Here's how to deal with and report a dangerous dog. You will need the report if you need to file an insurance claim or a dog-bite lawsuit against the owner. If a dog is found to be dangerous, the owner may be required to take extra precautions with the dog to protect public safety.