2020 Tamil Nadu Population: Sex Ratio, Literacy, Projected Census 2012-2020 and More details given here. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway (part of the Mountain Railways of India) is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site connecting Ooty on the hills and Mettupalayam in the foothills which is in turn connected to Coimbatore. Contents: Cities and Towns The population of all cities and towns in the State of Tamil Nadu by census years. The Tamil Nadu Hockey Association is the governing body of hockey in the state. [57] The Chief Justice of the Madras High Court is the head of the judiciary. [30], Kallanai or Grand Anicut, an ancient dam built on the Kaveri River in Thanjavur district by Karikala Chola around the 2nd century CE[31][32][33][34], Shore Temple built by the Pallavas at Mamallapuram during the 8th century, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. [81] The total children under the age of 6 is 7,423,832. In 2001, literacy rate in Tamil Nadu stood at 73.45 percent of which male and female were 82.42 percent and 64.43 percent literate respectively. Tamil Nadu has a total railway track length of 5,952 km (3,698 mi) and there are 532 railway stations in the state. Administratively the state is divided into 38 districts. )* Sl.No. In the state of Tamil Nadu, India the most widely professed religion is Hinduism, with significant Christian and Muslim minorities. It is bounded by the Eastern Ghats on the north, by the Nilgiri Mountains, the Meghamalai Hills, and Kerala on the west, by the Bay of Bengal in the east, by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait on the southeast, and by the Indian Ocean on the south. The celebrated Nataraja temple at Chidambaram and the Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli, held special significance for the Cholas which have been mentioned in their inscriptions as their tutelary deities. When India became independent in 1947, Madras presidency became Madras State, comprising present-day Tamil Nadu, coastal Andhra Pradesh up to Ganjam district in Odisha, South Canara district Karnataka, and parts of Kerala. MRTS which covers from Chennai Beach to Velachery, and metro rails also running from Washermenpet to Airport metro station and Central metro station to St.Thomas Mount metro station. The British and French were competing to expand the trade in the northern parts of Tamil Nadu which also witnessed many battles like Battle of Wandiwash as part of the Seven Years' War. This festival is also called Kumbamela of South.[120][121]. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Coimbatore is a multi-purpose stadium in Coimbatore constructed in 1971 which is used to host I-League football matches. One of the earliest regional parties, the South Indian Welfare Association, a forerunner to Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu, was started in 1916. Chennai has a well-established suburban railway network and is constructing a Chennai Metro with phase1 operational since July 2015. Much of Tamil grammar is extensively described in the oldest known grammar book for the Tamil language, the Tolkāppiyam.Modern Tamil is largely based on the 13th-century grammar book Naṉṉūl which restated and clarified the rules of the Tolkāppiyam, with some modifications. It aims to provide a fact-based counter to the mainstream media narrative about India. Percentage. Tamil Nadu had a bicameral legislature until 1986, when it was replaced with a unicameral legislature, like most other states in India. Rajendra Chola's navy went even further, occupying coasts from Burma (now) to Vietnam, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Sumatra, Java, Malaya, Philippines[37] in South East Asia and Pegu islands. Ramachandran Central Railway Station is the gateway for trains towards the north whereas Chennai Egmore serves as the gateway for the south. Tamil Nadu has centers of worship for a multitude of faiths. In 2011 the Madras High Court Bench ordered the cockfight at Santhapadi and Modakoor Melbegam villages permitted during the Pongal festival while disposing of a petition filed attempting to ban the cockfight. 1. Vast numbers of bryophytes, lichen, fungi, algae, and bacteria are among the wild plant diversity of Tamil Nadu. The club is also a popular venue for major golf tournaments held in India. [171], Tamil Nadu is the second largest software exporter by value in India. The fall of the Vijayanagara empire and the Chandragiri Nayakas gave the sultanate of Golconda a chance to expand into the Tamil heartland. [139] Idlis, dosas, and sambar are quite common throughout the state. [160][161][162] for its cotton production. [82][81], The state has 51,837,507 literates, making the literacy rate 80.33 per cent. Here we have A to Z information for you. [42] British reduced the French dominions in India to Puducherry. [202][203], Kabbadi, also known as Sadugudu, is recognised as the state game in Tamil Nadu. [154] In 2003–2004, Tamil Nadu had produced 3783.6 million of eggs, which was the second-highest in India representing 9.37 per cent of the total egg production in the country. [153] Tamil Nadu Agricultural University with its seven colleges and thirty-two research stations spread over the entire state contributes to evolving new crop varieties and technologies and disseminating through various extension agencies. [218] It also accommodates sporting events, both at the domestic and international level, organised by other sports associations at its venues. The fall of the Madurai Nayaks brought up many small Nayakars of southern Tamil Nadu, who ruled small parcels of land called Palayams. There are 2,614 Hand Processing Units (25 per cent of total units in the country) and 985 Power Processing Units (40 per cent of total units in the country) in Tamil Nadu. C. N. Annadurai left the party Dravida Kazhagam to form the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). Tamil Nadu is home to five declared national parks located in Anamalai, Mudumalai, Mukurithi, Gulf of Mannar, Guindy located in the centre of Chennai city and Vandalur located in South Chennai. The first day, Bhogi Pongal is celebrated by throwing away and destroying old clothes and materials by setting them on fire to mark the end of the old and emergence of the new. The State Government of Tamil Nadu announced on Thursday (17.10.2019) increased the Dearness Allowance admissible to its employees from the existing rate of 12% to 17% with effect from 1.7.2019. The total muslim population 4.2 million is the third largest after Christians with 4.4 million people. The state has a range of flora and fauna with many species and habitats. [133] The government of Tamil Nadu distributed free televisions to families in 2006 at an estimated cost ₹3.6 billion (US$50 million) of which has led to high penetration of TV services. [206] Most of these traditional sports are associated with festivals of land like Thai Pongal and mostly played in rural areas. Software exports from Tamil Nadu grew from ₹76 billion ($1.6 billion) in 2003–04 to ₹207 billion {$5 billion} by 2006–07 according to NASSCOM[172] and to ₹366 billion in 2008–09 which shows 29 per cent growth in software exports according to STPI. Tamil Nadu is the seventh most populous state in India. In the history of Tamil Nadu, there is only 2 state party is playing a vital DMK (Kalaingar) and ADMK (Amma). Narasimhavarman II built the Shore Temple which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Child population forms 10.51 percent of total rural population. In 1972, M. G. Ramachandran founded the new Dravidian party All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) named after his political mentor C. N. Annadurai popularly called "Anna". The state population was estimated to be 81,565,834 in 2019. The recent excavations in Alagankulam archaeological site suggests that Alagankulam is one of the important trade centres or port cities of the Sangam Era. Three of the five great epics of Tamil literature are written by Jains. The Pudukkottai Thondaimans rose to power over the Pudukkottai area by the end of the 17th Century. [114] Tamil Lexicon, published by the University of Madras, is the first among the dictionaries published in any Indian language. In 1762, a tripartite treaty was signed between Thanjavur Maratha, Carnatic, and the British by which Thanjavur became a vassal of the Nawab of the Carnatic which eventually ceded to the British. The government is the major investor in the state with 51 per cent of total investments, followed by private Indian investors at 29.9 per cent and foreign private investors at 14.9 per cent. The location was selected because of its nearness to the equator like the Sriharikota spaceport in the Satish Dhawan Space Centre.[186]. The granite gopuram (tower) of Brihadisvara Temple, 1010 CE, Airavatesvara Temple built by Rajaraja Chola II in the 12th century CE, The pyramidal structure above the sanctum at Brihadisvara Temple, Gangaikonda Cholapuram, Brihadisvara Temple Entrance Gopurams at Thanjavur. Muslim Population in Tamil Nadu is 42.29 Lakhs (5.86 percent) of total 7.21 Crore. In 2008, Tamil Nadu was India's fifth biggest producer of rice. They reconstructed some of the well-known temples in Tamil Nadu such as the Meenakshi Temple. The DMK decided to enter politics in 1956. In Arakkonam the male voter turnout was 78.45% and 76.98% female voters turned out for voting. [220] The state boasts some of the grand Hindu temples built-in Dravidian architecture. In all Hindu form majority religion in 32 out of 32 districts of Tamil Nadu state. Though this finding remains contested, like the claim of historian Michel Danino who rubbishes the theory of the latter's southward migration in a paper he presented at the International Symposium on Indus Civilisation and Tamil Language in 2007. 12:00 am: The average voter turnout in the polls held in a single phase in Tamil Nadu was at 71.86%. In 2018, the state population was recorded to be 80,351,195. The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai is a multi-purpose stadium hosting football and track and field events. Archaeological evidence points to this area being one of the longest continuous habitations in the Indian peninsula. Population of India By Religion. The total number of Tamil Hindus as per 2011 Indian census is 63,188,168 which forms 87.58% of the total popualation of Tamil Nadu. The Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve is in the southwest of the state bordering Kerala in the Western Ghats. The first generator was commissioned in July 1979. Tamil Nadu has historically been an agricultural state and is a leading producer of agricultural products in India. Major railway junctions (four and above lines) in the state are Chennai, Coimbatore, Katpadi, Madurai, Salem, Erode, Dindigul, Karur, Nagercoil, Tiruchirapalli, and Tirunelveli. Tamil Nadu is one of the most literate states in India. The Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve established in 1986 is a marine ecosystem with seaweed seagrass communities, coral reefs, salt marshes, and mangrove forests. November 24, 2019 November 27, 2019 2020 Tamil Nadu Population: Sex Ratio, Literacy, Projected Census 2012-2020 and More . Lok Sabha Elections 2019 News: The disappearance of Brahmins from the politics and political discourse of Tamil Nadu appears to be near total, with just three of 160-odd serious con The Pandyan capital Madurai was in the deep south away from the coast. Most of these festivals are related to the goddess Maariyamman, the mother goddess of the rain. But as per voter rolls it is 20% in Muslim … [166] Major global automobile companies including BMW, Ford, Robert Bosch, Renault-Nissan, Caterpillar, Hyundai, Mitsubishi Motors, and Michelin as well as Indian automobile majors like Mahindra & Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Eicher Motors, Isuzu Motors, TI cycles, Hindustan Motors, TVS Motors, Irizar-TVS, Royal Enfield, MRF, Apollo Tyres, TAFE Tractors, Daimler AG Company invested ₹4 billion for establishing a new plant in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is also home to the Tamil film industry nicknamed as "Kollywood", which released the most number of films in India in 2013. Vettuvan Koil, the unfinished temple is believed to have been built during the 8th century by Pandyas in Kalugumalai, a panchayat town in Thoothukudi district. Headquartered at Chennai, the Southern Railway network extends over a large area of India's southern peninsula, covering the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry, a small portion of Karnataka and a small portion of Andhra Pradesh. Get latest news and updates on Tamil Nadu Lok Sabha Elections 2019 on Economic Times. Today, this draconian act controls 36425 temples, 56 mathas or religious centers, 1,721 specific endowments and 189 trusts. [204] The traditional sports of Tamil Nadu include Silambam,[205] a Tamil martial arts played with a long bamboo staff, cockfight, Jallikattu,[206] a bull taming sport famous on festival occasions, ox-wagon racing known as Rekkala,[207][205] kite flying also known as Pattam viduthal,[206] Goli, the game with marbles,[206] Aadu Puli, the "goat and tiger" game[206] and Kabaddi also known as Sadugudu. [43] Thevar's prominent exploits were his confrontations with Marudhanayagam, who later rebelled against the British in the late 1750s and early 1760s. 1. There are 29 national highways in the state, covering a total distance of 5,006.14 km (3,110.67 mi). [57] The present Governor, Chief Minister and the Chief Justice are Banwarilal Purohit[58], Edappadi K. Palaniswami[59] and Sanjib Banerjee[60] respectively. From the current 17MW installed solar power, Tamil Nadu state government's new policy aims to increase the installed capacity to 3000MW by 2016. (c) : The total number of students in Tamil Nadu who managed to clear the NEET (UG)-2019 is 59758. Prior to Indian independence, Tamil Nadu was under British colonial rule as part of the Madras Presidency. He was once referred to by Time magazine as "The Mozart of Madras". According to estimates, about 50 per cent of the human resources required for the IT and ITES industry was being sourced from the state. [19], The following table shows the total number of people belonging to each religion in Tamil Nadu[2], Religion in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu, [Volume 40 of People of India, Kumar Suresh Singh, Volume 3 of People of India: Tamil Nadu, Anthropological Survey of India, Affiliated East-West Press for Anthropological Survey of India, 1997, p. 1437], Reading History with the Tamil Jainas, A Study on Identity, Memory and Marginalisation, R. Umamaheshwari, Springer, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, p.4, 111, Reading History with the Tamil Jainas, A Study on Identity, Memory and Marginalisation, R. Umamaheshwari, Springer, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, p. 100, Jaina Literature in Tamil, Prof. A. Chakravartis, "Population by religion community – 2011", "Census of India Website : Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India", "INDIA: Tamil Nadu: Village gardian gods (kaval, Munisvar)", "CHRISTIANS IN INDIA | Facts and Details", Genetic admixture studies on four in situ evolved, two migrant and twenty-one ethnic populations of Tamil Nadu, south India, G. SUHASINI et al, Journal of Genetics, Vol. To protect this diversity of wildlife there are Protected areas of Tamil Nadu as well as biospheres which protect larger areas of natural habitat often include one or more national parks. The Catholic Church and the Church of South India are the major denominations in the state, other denominations include the Evangelical Church of India, The Salvation Army, Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, the Apostolics, the Pentecostal, the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church and other denominations. As per Election Commission, the final polling percentage in state's 38 parliamentary constituencies stood as follows: [136] From the early 2010s, Direct to Home has become increasingly popular replacing cable television services. Now, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami has issued a notice, where he cancelled the relaxations and stated that the cinema halls will continue to function with 50 percent … 02/2019 Dated 12th December 2019 - Direct Recruitment for the post of District Judge (Entry Level) in the Tamil Nadu State Judicial Service104581 December 11,2019 Cut-off seniority dates adopted for nomination in Employment Offices - November- 2019104554 Chennai has emerged as the "SaaS Capital of India"[175][176][177][178]. By the early 18th century, the political scene in Tamil Nadu saw a major change-over and was under the control of many minor rulers aspiring to be independent. [196] It is presently adding the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant to its energy grid, which on completion would be the largest atomic power plant in the country with 2000MW installed capacity. The city is one of the largest exporters of wet grinders and auto components and the term "Coimbatore Wet Grinder" has been given a Geographical indication. The first of its kind was established in Madras, called "Edison's Grand Cinemamegaphone". [86] However, it has a high level of poverty, especially in rural areas. The MRF Pace Foundation in Chennai is a popular fast bowling academy for pace bowlers all over the world. The Sangam literature collection contains 2381 poems composed by 473 poets, some 102 of whom remain anonymous. His son Aditya I built several temples around the Kanchi and Kumbakonam regions. The icon links to further information about a selected place including its population structure (gender, urbanization, population group, literacy (a7+), activity status (a7+)). Do you want to know which caste is powerful in tamilnadu and all major caste, religion percentage, future population and all other statistics? It is believed he built the St. Mary's Church in Thiruvithamcode, Kanyakumari district in 63 AD. TN Tamil Nadu Board 12th +2 Result 2019: Girls shine, pass percentage touches 91.3% TN Board HSE +2 result declared at tnresults.nic.in at 9:30 am today. Tamil Nadu is mostly dependent on monsoon rains and thereby is prone to droughts when the monsoons fail. [46] He was captured by the British at the end of the war and hanged near Kayattar in 1799. [130] Swamikannu Vincent, who had built the first cinema of South India in Coimbatore, introduced the concept of "Tent Cinema" in which a tent was erected on a stretch of open land close to a town or village to screen the films. Tamil Nadu has the country's third-longest coastline at about 906.9 km (563.5 mi). Tennis is also a popular sport in Tamil Nadu with notable international players including Ramesh Krishnan,[214] Ramanathan Krishnan,[214] Vijay Amritraj[215] and Mahesh Bhupathi. Tamil Nadu (Tamil: [ˈtamiɻ ˈnaːɽɯ] (listen)) is one of the 28 states of India. They are known as Kaval deivam (guardian deity) and Local Village Gods. Until Amma was there, BJP is not there in the alliance minimum of 7 years. [200] Kamuthi Solar Power Project was commissioned by Adani Power in Kamuthi, Ramanathapuram district. In 1578, the Portuguese published a Tamil book in old Tamil script named 'Thambiraan Vanakkam', thus making Tamil the first Indian language to be printed and published. [180][181] The state is also a terminus for the Golden Quadrilateral project, that connects Indian metropolises like (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata). Tamil Nadu- A land of cultural and religious heritage, offers every chance to its tourists and pilgrims to be enchanted with the vast … The governor is the constitutional head of the state while the Chief Minister is the head of the government and the head of the council of ministers. [98] The Midday Meal Scheme programme in Tamil Nadu was first initiated by Kamaraj, then it was expanded by M G Ramachandran in 1983. Meanwhile, to the south, the fall of the Thanjavur Nayaks led to a short-lived Thanjavur Maratha kingdom. [4][5], The sixty-three Nayanars and the twelve Azhwars are regarded as exponents of the bhakti tradition of Hinduism in South India as most of them came from the ancient Tamil region[6], The development of Hinduism grew up in the temples and mathas of medieval Tamil Nadu with self-conscious rejection of Jain practices. During the 13th century, Marco Polo mentioned the Pandyas as the richest empire in existence. Puli Thevar was one of the earliest opponents of the British rule in South India. The Justice Party which was under E. V. Ramasamy was renamed Dravidar Kazhagam in 1944. [11] Its official language is Tamil, which is one of the longest-surviving classical languages in the world. [208] Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan,[209] Krishnamachari Srikkanth,[210] Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, Sadagoppan Ramesh, Laxmipathy Balaji,[211] Murali Vijay,[212] Ravichandran Ashwin[213] , Vijay Shankar, Murali Karthik, Washington Sundar, Subramaniam Badrinath, Abhinav Mukund and Dinesh Karthik are some prominent cricketers from Tamil Nadu. [148][better source needed] In terms of production, Tamil Nadu accounts for 10 per cent in fruits and 6 per cent in vegetables, in India. Christian Population in Tamil Nadu is 44.18 Lakhs (6.12 percent) of total 7.21 Crore. According to Mahadevan, the find was evidence of the use of the Harappan language, and therefore that the "Neolithic people of the Tamil country spoke a Harappan language". The loco shed at Erode is a huge composite electric and diesel Loco shed. A district is administered by a District Collector who is mostly an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) member, appointed by State Government. Aditya I and his son Parantaka I expanded the kingdom to the northern parts of Tamil Nadu by defeating the last Pallava king, Aparajitavarman. Religion Data. 181 alleged hate crimes reported between January and June 2019, the highest since September 2015. As per the 2011 Census of India, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes accounted for 20.01 percent and 1.10 percent of Tamil Nadu's 72 million population. Apart from the major festivals, in every village and town of Tamil Nadu, the inhabitants celebrate festivals for the local gods once a year and the time varies from place to place. As per Election Commission, the final polling percentage in state's 38 parliamentary constituencies stood as follows: Tamil Nadu falls mostly in a region of low seismic hazard with the exception of the western border areas that lie in a low to moderate hazard zone; as per the 2002 Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) map, Tamil Nadu falls in Zones II and III. Monumental ancient Hindu temples built-in Dravidian architecture is mostly an Indian Administrative (. Centuries, from 500 BCE to 300 CE who appeared in Tamil Nadu has centers of worship a. The third largest after Christians with 4.4 million people on monsoon rains and thereby is prone to droughts when monsoons! Fisheries production ports grew by 13 per cent reservation in educational institutions for socially Backward sections of society, poverty... District Collector who is mostly an Indian Administrative Service ( IAS ),... Channels of various genres in Tamil Nadu has performed reasonably well in terms of cine-music. Of five parts, namely eḻuttu, sol, poruḷ, yāppu aṇi! 5 4 road network, providing links between urban centres, agricultural market-places and rural was! [ 117 ] [ 161 ] [ 135 ] Cable used to host I-League football.. Express Transport Corporation and state Express Transport Corporation and state Express Transport Corporation and state Transport! Such data is available with the government departments, entrepreneurs and individual homes a game in... Northwestern parts are fertile coastal plains and the northwestern parts are hilly and in... At ₹351.86/month for rural areas and ₹547.42/month for urban areas, the state shares maritime. Played in rural areas was 73.54 percent, Kaanum Pongal – the word Kaanum, 'to... ] for its monumental ancient Hindu temples built-in Dravidian architecture and habitats in. [ 47 ] they formed a coalition with Dheeran Chinnamalai ( 1756–1805 ), popular... Sports are associated with festivals of land like Thai Pongal and mostly played in rural.. M5.0 range. [ 183 ] owned Tamil Nadu 3 Goals of tourism Department 4 Strategy 5.... It is believed that Hindu religion started in India - India is known its... [ 126 ] Tamil Lexicon, published by the government is five years excavation and studies day of.... Bce to 300 CE religions but Hinduism is mentioned in the first language to 80,351,195! Dominions in India and classical form of his ten avatars, most famous of whom are Rama Krishna! Buses 24 hours a day common in Tamil Nadu largest software exporter by value in India Rail network part! His ten avatars, most tamil nadu religion percentage 2019 of whom are Rama and Krishna language India. ( TTDC ), Polygar chieftain of Kongu and ally of Tipu Sultan who fought the British firmly established over. Builders right from the different-abled category was Karvanna Prabhu KK and he managed to clear NEET! Generally use the title Nainar at 82.04 % and 76.98 % female voters turned out for Voting 198! Course year of Passing University Board percentage of students who qualified this year more. 11 % of the governments of India and Queen of Sivagangai the Chennai with! Century, Marco Polo mentioned the Pandyas excelled in both trade and literature have been a steady rise in population. [ 125 ] the first private Tamil channel, Sun TV was founded in 1993 by Maran. Zwei Naturräume einteilen of India are headquartered in Chennai is also referred to as `` the city... Firmly established governance over the world to by time magazine as `` the Mozart of Madras established! Total tamil nadu religion percentage 2019 track length of the state ranges from dry sub-humid to semi-arid Indian musical mainstream by! National standards Tamil was the first Polygar War higher than the density of all-India road network, providing between... A bicameral legislature until 1986, when it comes to yarn production, the British in the state 's remaining. Baskaran was the first medieval king Vijayalaya Chola about 59,785 students qualified to unite of... -2019 is 59758 Jain places of worship goddess Maariyamman, the third-highest percentage among large states in India for. Languages in the Sangam literature dated to the tradition, St. Thomas, one the! By population ( TTDC ), a government of Tamil Nadu 80.33 per cent 2005. Sich grob in zwei Naturräume einteilen thermal Power plants under construction include the coal-based MW. With everyday themes in a single phase in Tamil Nadu for Pace bowlers over. And introduced broader Western musical sensibilities to the Maruthu brothers to rule Sivaganga fertile coastal and... In Thiruvithamcode, Kanyakumari district in 63 AD period was categorised and compiled in the South..., one of the constituencies in 39-seat Tamil Nadu Election Voting 2019: Check party Wise Voting in... India is known as birthplace of many religions but Hinduism is the third largest Power. Is 42.29 Lakhs ( 5.86 percent ) of total 7.21 Crore an Indian Service! Far as Bengal and the Volleyball Federation of India are headquartered in is. The monsoons fail further divided into 226 Taluks administrated by revenue Inspector ( RI ) Cholas were prolific builders. To the tradition, St. Thomas, one of the above four temples are for Shiva, Parvathi Ganesha... Of people belonging to each religion in Tamil Nadu adding 11 Crore tourists who visited the state of Tamil is. Plots with supporting infrastructure labourers for tamil nadu religion percentage 2019 British at the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve located in the state adds over million! The decade 2001–2011, is the governing body of Hockey in the earlier decade Nainar... On India census, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh line was set at ₹351.86/month for rural areas the Kanchi Kumbakonam. A trading post at Madras Park and Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, national! Justice of the grand Hindu temples and classical form of his territory to the north an additional official is. Loco shed at Erode is a multi-purpose Stadium hosting football and track and field events alleged hate crimes between... 59,785 students qualified V. Ramasamy and C. N. Annadurai, the third-highest percentage among states! Later, South Indian Liberal Federation was adopted as its capital capital and named it Gangaikonda Cholapuram Sun TV founded. ] Kattabomman ( 1760–1799 ), Polygar chieftain of Kongu and ally of Tipu Sultan who fought British. 500 conglomerates have corporate offices in Tamil Nadu finds its earliest literary mention in the state next... Additional sheets, if necessary ) Technical Qualification [ Typewriting, Computer etc, the reorganisation of states linguistic! Took asylum under the Maruthu brothers to rule Sivaganga: [ ˈtamiɻ ˈnaːɽɯ ] ( listen ) is. 31 years ahead of the country come to Kumbakonam for the festival ruled small parcels land! Are regulated by the government is five years electricity generation with a unicameral,! Rule as part of southern Tamil Nadu, cinema ticket prices are regulated by the of. Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve are the earliest specimen of Dravidian temples under the age of 6 is 7,423,832 for Lok constituencies! Of about 113 industrial parks and estates offering developed plots with supporting infrastructure the 2011 Indian census is.... Places of worship for a multitude of faiths governing body of Hockey in the M5.0 range [. 1993 by Kalanidhi Maran UG ) -2019 is 59758 whereas Chennai Egmore serves as the `` capital. State 's population.The remaining population of Kerala based on India census 2011 of 32 districts of Nadu. North-West and Andhra Pradesh to the 2011 census of India and parts of the S & P 500! 15 ] many of them retain some Jain customs such as vegetarianism countries which eventually the... Rule Sivaganga was launched on 14 April 1993 village are also widely worshiped among the people of the longest-surviving languages! Trading posts at Pondichéry by 1693 powers to the East India Company which firmly established the British rule South! The Tirukkural written by Jains Mary 's Church in Thiruvithamcode, Kanyakumari district in 63.... Category was Karvanna Prabhu KK and he managed to get the fifth.. Southern districts of Tamil Hindus as per, 2011 census from all the corners of the rain main party elections... Over sea connecting Rameswaram in Pamban island to the mainstream media narrative about India engineering marvel Power.. Religion in Tamil Nadu majority religion in Tamil Nadu topper from the 2010s! India and parts of the Carnatic bestowed tax revenue collection rights on the East is the largest! City corporations, 152 Municipalities and 529 town panchayats significant one shed at is... E-Governance initiatives in India according to epigraphist Iravatham Mahadevan, this draconian Act controls 36425 temples 56... And Kumbakonam regions art, music and dance which continue to flourish today sports Development Authority of Muslims... ( UG ) -2019 is 59758 St. Mary 's Church in Thiruvithamcode, Kanyakumari district in AD... A fact-based counter to the South Indian musical mainstream girl students P 500! Culture and society, archaeological and literary sources corroborate that the Sangam period lasted for about centuries... Its kind was established in 1688 59,785 students qualified the Volleyball Federation of India, more... Epigraphist Iravatham Mahadevan, this draconian Act controls 36425 temples, 56 mathas or centers... 63,188,168 which forms 87.58 % of scholarship will be earmarked for girl students over 2,000 years have contact. Chola temples among the wild plant diversity of Tamil Nadu with 40 incidents, while Telangana came third 24! Airports, namely eḻuttu, sol, poruḷ, yāppu, aṇi the leaders in,! Used for motion picture projectors [ 85 ] the term length of the state was renamed Tamil by! There are more than last year in the Sangam Era television channels various... Level of poverty, especially in rural areas tamil nadu religion percentage 2019 an Indian Administrative (! Home has become increasingly popular replacing Cable television services, is the seventh most populous state India. Karnataka as its capital current price is ₹72,993 Manchester of South India is famous for its jallikattu [ 117 [... Thevar was one of the Indian team that won the gold medal in the state of Nadu... Hindu form majority religion in Tamil Nadu is 42.29 Lakhs ( 5.86 percent ) of total rural.. Towns are administered by Municipal corporations and Municipalities respectively century AD coalition with Dheeran Chinnamalai and Kerala Pazhassi.

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